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Why partner with us

We deliver innovative new approaches and global solutions

Educational Services Division which delivers innovative new approaches and global solutions for Higher education providers.

Why partner with us

Universities are the most complex organisations ever invented – they are an order of magnitude more complex than public sector analogs like tertiary healthcare providers, and increasingly Universities are recognising that to deal with growing internal and external complexity they need to contract out to trusted partners a range of activities that are less business critical, or that they are not well placed to deliver, in order that they can focus on delivering core business, including:

  • Applications Processing, Conversion & Enrolment
  • Direct recruitment
  • Development of in-country presence including establishing local offices/subsidiaries
  • TNE support – collaborative delivery and progression
  • Market entry strategies, Market insight, data and analytics
  • In-country Alumni engagement
  • In-country short courses including in enterprise and innovation
  • Employability support

Education Services offer a “single point of contact” to ensure that high functioning partnerships are established and implemented to deliver sector leading outcomes.