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How we deliver

Our business model is to create process efficiencies while maintaining the highest levels of compliance. By taking away your pain points, you can focus on what’s most important –  providing the best educational opportunities for students.

A proven business model

Tailored Education Services

We don’t believe that ‘one size fits’ all. So when we work with a partner for their Education Services to a partner, we listen carefully, challenge positively and create a bespoke solution that fits their strategic priorities and operational needs. This means that partners can choose services from services such as:

Improving process efficiencies

We look to eliminate unnecessary processes, while streamlining those processes essential for success, such as admissions, student support, compliance and Agent management. We want you to focus on what matters most – serving students well and growing your brand globally through an excellent student experience when we:

Focusing on conversion

We understand that each university has specific requirements, so we work closely with you to create a conversion process that meets and exceeds those needs with:

Eliminating fraud

We have proprietary models that leverage the power of technology and data analytics to curb fraud. This reduces your administrative burdens and legal risks associated with fraud. We integrate Academic Credibility Interviews with admissions, student support, compliance and Agent management processes. This means that we actively:

Supporting students

We offer a range of services for students from application through to arrival at the institution. These include; visa application assistance, travel arrangements, accommodation options and orientation programs for new students. We further support students with:

Managing Agents

Our Agents are channel partners who are pre-vetted, trained and onboarded to help with achieving your recruitment targets. We support and manage Agents through:

Building your brand

We make every effort make you brand visible and appropriately positioned in global markets, with messaging tailored to each individual region. And because we know exactly what it takes to get accepted into leading universities, we have a strong grasp on which courses best suit each student’s needs. We build brand presence through: