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What we do

We are an Educational Services provider first, and a commercial business second. We care about outcomes for students and for our Higher Education partners. So, when we work with you, we provide an integrated solution with a collaborative mindset.

Offering a range of trusted services

A vertically integrated portfolio

By managing end-to-end solutions, rather than individual elements of application processing, we can guarantee success. We do this by delivering efficiency coupled with effectiveness; offering speed, scale and diversity; the achievement of recruitment targets whilst safeguarding, quality and compliance.
As an Education Services partner, our portfolio helps you meet the needs of an international student body that is more diverse than ever.

Generating New Leads and entering New Markets

Brand presence

Building brand visibility in new recruitment markets takes time, and often can often impede recruitment efforts. We use social media, face-to-face presence at educational fairs and exhibitions, and in-country hosted offices to fast track an institution’s brand visibility.


Campaign activity

Using a combination of digital campaigns, offline activity such as out of home advertising, event sponsorships and school outreach, we drive quality lead generation at speed into your conversion funnel.


Global recruitment locations

We have an experienced recruitment team on the ground in over 40 locations across the world, attending fairs and exhibitions, managing direct student interaction and building a sustainable pipeline of high-quality leads.


Leveraging established agents

In addition to our own recruitment hubs, we have an extremely well established network of in-country agents, vetted and proven to deliver quality applications using their own lead generation infrastructure.

Turning Enquiries into Conditional Offers

Enquiry management

We support partners to enhance their direct recruitment pipelines through effective enquiry management processes, using knowledge of their product portfolio and keeping partners up to date with regular reporting. This gives partners an accurate indication of their pipeline for upcoming intakes.


Credibility screening

All applications are screened, vetted, and checked thoroughly within our Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 24-48 hours. We work collaboratively with our University partners to screen applications with compliance and suitability interviews, by conducting background checks and assessing communication skills. Every single application is given fair and effective consideration. 

Converting Conditional Offers into Enrolments

Conversion & admissions

We manage your funnel of applications to identify best-fit students who meet your entry criteria, finding those with aspirations that fit with your institution. Conversion initiatives include regional scholarships, market specific bursaries, early bird discounts, calling campaigns and spot admissions.


Student support

By assisting students as they move towards enrolments we prepare them for the opportunities ahead, passing on advice about living and studying overseas, focused on finding suitable accommodation, dealing with a new culture and customs, and adapting to the educational practices at their new institution. We monitor visa application, processing and issuance; arrival dates and flight details, airport pick-ups; registration, induction and accommodation.

Planning for success from day one

We know that project set up, and new partner onboarding, is a foundation to success. So we’ll use our tried-and-tested methodology, and experience from 30 years in Higher Education, to prioritise your needs and requirements. This means we can deliver student diversity by offering the right level of in-country presence to impart local market knowledge.
As an Education Services partner, our portfolio helps you meet the needs of an international student body that is more diverse than ever.

Establishing a foothold in international markets

Whether you’re looking to enter a totally new country, or simply expand into another region within an existing territory, we’ll share directional insights and considerations from our global reach and knowledge, combining:
We are data-driven, using experience from global partnerships and our team of recruitment professionals across the world, which means that your entry into a new market will be seamless and successful.

In-country presence in key territories

Our custom-designed and comprehensive Education Services enable universities to establish an in-country presence in worldwide markets, through:

With a commitment to excellence

Turn around times of 24-48 hours

We aim to respond to students within 48 hours. Our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 24-48 hours, and covers academic counselling, document review, student recruitment and admissions, visa application support and enrolment support

A sustainable diverse future

We believe that diversity is key to a student’s education. That’s why we offer recruitment, conversion, and admission services for international students from different countries, bringing diversity to the international student body at our partner institutions.

Diversity helps you develop a sustainable recruitment strategy, reducing your reliance on single territories, and allowing you to quickly pivot should external market factors or legislation changes come into play.

Consistently high conversion rates

We help grow your international student body by attracting applicants from diverse backgrounds. Our global education experience, and our proven ability to deliver scale and speed, comes from balancing the quality and the volume of applications.

A 99% visa approval rate

At least 99% of the students who we put forward for a visa sponsorship letter are issued a study visa for their course.

We work with partners to design and implement comprehensive immigration processes so that obtaining a student visa is smooth and efficient.