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02 April

For Institutions

We anticipate demand and maximise potential opportunities

As the education landscape continues to change and become more complex, we adapt and develop our services to anticipate demand and maximise potential opportunities.

We currently offer the following services but are working on additional solutions that cater to institutions with varying challenges.

  • Outsourced enquiry and application conversion for Universities from recruitment to compliance
  • Conversion team dedicated to delivering a higher conversion rate (To exceed industry standard)
  • New agent acquisition and training
  • Agent Management, Service & Support
  • Strategic support, advice, continuous service and support for direct students

What Makes Us Different?

Over the years the business model has evolved such that it is ready to scale with: 

  • Experience of more than 15 years 
  • Good understanding of international markets and qualifications 
  • Trained team having the expertise of end to end service 
  • A high service level of support 7 days of the week 
  • Access to an indefinite pool of agents 
  • Close working relationships with the University partners 
  • Strong vetting and compliance measures in place 
  • Industry knowledge and market insights with a strategy for growth